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7 Times Animals Met Other Species For The First Time And Had The Funniest Reactions

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Meeting someone for the first time can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience, so some of our most memorable moments often come from these meetings, and animals are no exception. If we try to hide their true emotions and make a good first impression, animals will not hesitate to let us know if they don’t like us.

We are in love with animals of all kinds, and what we love even more is to watch what happens when they meet each other for the first time. Thankfully, some people were able to capture those hilarious animal interactions on camera. For this reason, we have collected an adorable list of animal pics to share with you and make your day better. Scroll down to see!.

1. You scare me, water doggo!

2. When the first meeting didn’t go well:

3. This dog probably just had immediate regrets about not getting health insurance.

4. Meet new friends, they said… it’ll be fun, they said.

5. Huskies are the bravest dogs, they said…

6. Knock knock — Hoo’s there?

7. Trying to get into our territory, bra-a-ather?

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