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A couple leaves the car door open at a gas station, a stray dog sneaks in and begs to be adopted.

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In some cases, all you want is a little chance. Specifically for a stray dog. In view of that a great opportunity only comes once, this doggie decided to take full advantage of it. Therefore, when she sighted a car with its door open, she jumped in straight away in the car. That decision changed her life forever!

Bill Shaver and his lovely wife, Angela, were heading back home in Missouri, after a vacation trip in Arkansas, when they unexpectedly met this adorable dog. When The couple needed to refill gas and go to the bathroom, they stopped at a gas station, Then Bill went to the bathroom in a hurry. For that reason, Bill forgot to close the car door. An adorable stray dog was roaming around and noticed the car door open. Then she jumped into the car, expecting to be adopted.


When The couple returned to their car, they just could not believe their eyes when saw an adorable dog, she was comfortably taking her seat in the car. The adorable doggie curled in the front seat. Then she was acting like she wants to be with them. What’s she trying to tell them was so clear to the couple. The poor doggie was looking for help as she looked so hungry and weak. Bill is a big-hearted kind person by nature. So, They couldn’t say ‘no’ to the adorable doggie.


Bill and his wife would never leave that dog who randomly chooses them as parents. So, The couple and doggie continued the way back home!


Once they arrived home, the doggie was pretty nervous to leave the car. So, to make the doggie feel more comfortable, Bill has decided to take her into his hands. Then brought her inside the house. Bill and his wife Angela have been already sharing their home with rescued three dogs and a kitten.  So they were excited to meet the newest family member.


When the adorable doggie got familiar with her new home and family, Bill and Angela named the dog River. River got a well-deserved bath as she was all covered in mud. Judging by River’s response, she was less likely she experienced a bath before. River was so delighted. She finally found the care, love, and comfort she was looking for.


We just need more animal-loving people like Bill and Angela in this world!

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