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Dumped Vodka Bottles Have Turned The Bay Into A Paradise

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A colorful niche sparkles under the summer sun just a stone’s pitch away from Vladivostok in Russia’s Pacific coastline. Even in winter, Ussuri Bay’s brightly speckled coastline glistens under the frosty light. At first, the color-spattered beach come out to be one of nature’s anomalies. However, on closer lookup, it is really just garbage.

Back in the Soviet Union era, the concept of nature preservation simply was not a thing. So it was decided to use Russia’s Pacific coastline, Ussuri Bay to dump old porcelain and glass bottles.


Image source: Anna Pozharskaya


Image source: RGO

According to The Siberian Times, As the story goes, cargo of empty vodka, wine, and beer bottles, broken jars, and various glass fragments was thrown away in the bay and left to fester. However, Mother Nature had a better idea for this waste.


Image source: Anna Pozharskaya


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Image source: grunja

Years of deterioration and the tide’s ebb and flow have smoothed, polished, and burnished the pollution into vibrant jewel stones like pebbles.


Image source: dumbrava_regina


Image source: grunja

Back in the day, lots of broken beer, vodka, wine bottles have turned the bay into a paradise. After decades, it’s become a tourist attraction and an especially well-protected area.


Image source: yuliya_savkina


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