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The Faithful Dog Proves His Love By Waiting Six Days Outside The Hospital For His Sick Owner

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We undoubtedly can say that dogs are the most loyal animal friend of humans. There is no competition between dogs and other animals from the side of love, loyalty, and responsibility. Recently, a dog in Turkey proved what this fidelity is after she waited nearly a week in front of a hospital for her sick owner.


On January 14, Cemal Senturk was taken by ambulance to the Medical Garden Hospital in his hometown of Trabzon. When the man was taken to the hospital for further tests, his dog Bonkuk stayed home with the other members of the family. But the faithful puppy realizes that there is something wrong with his beloved man, and she wants to comfort him in those difficult times. The dog somehow escaped from the family apartment and went to the hospital behind Sentuk.

DHA via AP

When the hospital staff saw a small dog in front of the entrance, they informed the Sentuk family. Since they live near the facility, the relevant puppy was taken home, but only to return the next morning. Seeing the dog’s devotion to the man she loved the most, the hospital director decided to do something. Thus, Senturk was able to communicate through a window with his beloved furry friend.

DHA via AP

For six days, the faithful companion appeared in front of the hospital every morning to comfort her ailing owner. Mohammad Akdenis, a member of the security staff at Medical Park Hospital, said: Arrived around 9 pm and waited until nightfall. “She’s not going in. When the door opens, she pushes her head inside.”

DHA via AP

When released, six days later, Centurion was delighted to have his faithful dog back. Murath Arkan told CRN that the two have been best friends for nine years because Bonkuk was just a puppy. After he was allowed to go out, he found his dog at the hospital gate. Bonkuk behaved very sweetly in six days and managed to win the love and affection of the entire staff, ”he added.

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