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These Halloween pet costumes are so impressive! But reconsider when dressing up pet companions!

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Halloween is not only for humans. It’s not just us who sometimes enjoy dressing up as spooky characters and impressing the neighbors with marvelous costumes. Some of our adorable pets seem to love wearing Halloween costumes, too. And, wow, these costumes are pretty impressive. Here, some of the cutest and magnificent Halloween costumes for your pet.

While the adorable pets featured in this list seem to be having loads of joy in their awesome little costumes. There’s another side to this costume story. PETA UK encourages people not to dress their pet companions in Halloween costumes.

Heads PETA UK, Allen said that this is for those who dress up their pets for Halloween: “Dress up yourselves, but please leave your pets out of it. They feel confused, uncomfortable, and stressed when they’re forced into Halloween costumes. We’ve even found out of dogs and cats running away, never to be seen again,”

#1 Just In Time For Halloween!

#2 It’s My Dog’s Birthday Today. Here She Is Dressed Up As Dobby For Halloween

#3 Cute Cerberus Costume

“PETA UK strongly advises that Halloween costumes with tight rubber bands may cut off circulation and that long or trailing part may get trapped in objects—with the possible disastrous outcome—making Halloween night feels like a stunt, not a present.”

#4 “People Don’t Come To See The Tigers, They Come To See Me” – Joe Exotic

#5 I’m A Very Spooky Ghost

#6 My Tortoise Halloween Costume For 2020

You should never force a pet to wear a costume if it makes pain it. Just like you’d never force another human to dress up Halloween costume if they didn’t like it.

#7 Original Or Extra Crispy?

#8 My Roommate Did This With My Cat While I Was Out Buying Candy

#9 Simple Yet Effective

The RSPCA said that our adorable pets use ingenious body language to communicate with us and other animals. So when you force your pet up in a costume, it covers up pets’ ears, tail, and whiskers. Which can make them feel frightened and uncomfortable. What’s more, try to avoid costumes that obscure their vision, limit a pet’s range of motion or block their mouth.

#10 Pew Pew

#11 She Appreciates Tricks, But She Definitely Prefers Treats

#12 Smallest Shark Ever

#13 Leeloo Dallas Multipass

#14 This Is Our Foster, Butter, Being Himself For Halloween

#15 What We Mew In The Shadows

#16 A Spooktacular Spider Costume

#17 My Dog Summarized 2020

#18 Working On Our Halloween Costume. Just Need To Work On Wearing Our Glasses

#19 Hairy Pawter And The Chamber Of Fluffs

#20 Oreo As 2020’s Most Fitting Meme

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