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This Baby Elephant Is Thrilled To Have Her First Bath

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The Asian elephant population in the world is dwindling, and it has come down to an estimated 40 000 at maximum. A considerable amount of them are being brought up captive in zoos, religious institutes and establishments that are related to the tourism industry.

Unfortunately, these animals get to spend their lives in cages and perform to the will of their masters. This is a very miserable situation where a lot of countries still practice. Chiang Mai, Thailand is one of these places where elephant shows and rides are happening currently. With the global pandemic crashing the tourism industry, the elephants were more in their cages and paddocks which limited their freedom even more. This article revolves around the story of a baby elephant at Chiang Mai who was rescued by the Save Elephant Foundation.

More info & Photo courtesy: Save Elephant Foundation | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Meet baby Chaba. She and her mother were in poor health conditions when the SEF found them. Chaba was 4 months old and was left alone during the day since her mother was taken to perform in front of crowds every day. Without proper nutrition and living conditions. The foundation worked to get them released to the Elephant Nature Park.

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