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This leopard met a Golden Retriever and they become best friends

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A leopard chased by a dog is not something you see every day. It’s normally the other way around. But then again, This story is about a friendship between an adorable leopard and a doggie. Scroll down and read about this amazing story!
Tommy is an adorable and friendly Golden Retriever. Tommy and this leopard named Salati chase each other, play, and settle down for a friendly hug. These two first met at Glen Afric Country Lodge in South Africa and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Image credits Barcroft Media

Salati was just a baby leopard when arrived at the orphanage. Since she, unfortunately, lost her mother, she found her comfort in the most gentle and kind soul – a dog. Tommy instantly took this baby leopard under his wing and offered her protection and love.

Image credits Barcroft Media

Even it didn’t take too long until the once baby leopard grew into a large wild cat. Salati and Tommy are still playing like little kids. According to Salati’s caretaker, Salati and Tommy are inseparable and both have lots of energy. So, they both need to play together.

Image credits Barcroft Media

Friendship hasn’t any boundaries proved by this story!

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