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This Senior dog found with a heartbreaking note, the inside story will shock you

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One day, animal control officers of Louisiana got a call about an adorable senior dog that was seemingly abandoned in a public bathroom at Destrehan’s Splash Park. An animal control team hurried to the scene where they discovered an old Black Lab. The adorable dog is in good-looking shape, though. Next to her, the animal control officers found a bottle of water and a curious note.

The note is that “Be nice to my dog, got stuck without a car, be back soon, give my dog some water and i will be back in the morning,”

Image credits VBSPCA/Facebook

However, animal control officers took the adorable dog and named her Ladybird. Also, animal control officers gave Ladybird to the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter to keep her safe and wait for her owner to finally come to her. But this adorable Ladybird was far from being abandoned. The Shelter staff figured out that next day in the morning when her owner called.

The next morning, Ladybird’s owner return to the place where he left his beloved dog. Then realized she’s not there anymore. he instantly informed animal control. It’s how he found out where his adorable dog mate actually is. It is when everybody discovered their sad story!

Image credits Suzy Haas Swims Facebook

Dr. Jena Troxler – the animal shelter supervisor, said that “The dog owner called us and explained he still wants Ladybird, but he needs a couple of weeks to get back on his feet, Ladybird and her owner are homeless, and he has been living in a shelter and trying to save his money. So, he and Ladybird can back to North Carolina, where he has family ready to help him get back on his feet.”

It turned out that the adorable Ladybird and her owner are an integral duo since the cute doggie was just six-week-old, they had traveled all around the world. But the last few months have been worse than they hope. So, they ended up on the streets with no money to back to their home in North Carolina.

Image credits VBSPCA/Facebook

Everybody at the shelter was touched by that sad story, so they rushed to help the adorable Ladybird and her faithful owner. Thanks to these kind-hearted animal shelter staff, The adorable Ladybird got the chance to return to her beloved family where she will be able to live her last years, in peace!

(Credits Facebook | animalchannel)

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