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This Story Proves To You, A Dog, And A Baby Squirrel Can Be Friends

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When it comes to caring for those in want, dogs have warmer souls. That’s why the most unique relationships in the animal kingdom presents are about dogs. So we can simply call them everyone’s best buddy and just men’s best friend. This time a caring Labrador dog and an orphaned baby squirrel prove to the world what animals are capable of.

Millie the Lab and her beloved caretaker, Abbey Harrison were enjoying a sunshiny day in the backyard of their home when they came upon something truly unexpected. An extremely small creature was standing next to a fallen tree in the backyard. When getting closer Abbey figured out the confused animal was an adorable baby squirrel. But even terrified, the small creature wasn’t shy at all when seeing Millie. The two have been in contact for a few moments, but Abbey was still trying to find out the adorable baby squirrel’s family.


The woman looked around the backyard and waited for hours, but the adorable baby squirrel’s mother was nowhere to be found. Since the baby squirrel and Millie were already getting along very well, Abbey decided to help orphan this adorable animal. At least until the squirrel would be ready to get back in the wild. Abbey named him ‘Squirrel’. But it was Millie, whose heart got touched when realizing she will have a little brother and obviously a play partner.


Baby ‘Squirrel’ proved to be more active than anybody thought and he chased adorable Millie all day long. Abbey made a comfortable bed for him, using some boxes, but Squirrel didn’t look interested. The Squirrel eventually fell asleep onto a yoga mat. That was the sweetest moment. As her new buddy was sleeping, Millie laid down next to Squirrel and quietly watched over him, just like a mother watches over her little baby!

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